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Bridget Dedian

Just because summer is here doesn’t mean the print industry has gone on vacation

The Keypoint Intelligence news service provides extensive coverage of various topics and markets. This blog discusses the top three articles covered in June 2023.



Keith Haas

Why everyone should take the initiative and learn how to leverage artificial intelligence

AI is more than just a buzzword; it is capable of revolutionizing business efforts organizations make. We discuss here the need for AI literacy as well as the benefits it can have for businesses.



Sam Keller

An overview of our lab testing process, along with options we offer

Chatting with Rachel Dean about how lab test reports are written, discussing different tests and how vendors can benefit from each, as well as some additional research she is conducting.



Carl Schell

Donnellon McCarthy Enterprises continues its growth in IT and everywhere else, too

IT is like one of those monsters that absorbs everything in its path and just keeps growing. Luke Ubelhor of Donnellon McCarthy Enterprises is the kind of guy who likes to help make sense of the IT beast.



German Sacristan & Priya Gohil

The need for better inventory management in testing times

Supply chain bottlenecks and breakdowns are not uncommon, but the last few years have seen potent, relentless disruptions stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic and other factors.



Mark Davis

How print OEMs are adapting office space to bridge the skills gap of new graduate recruits

Recent hires who spent part of their formal or higher education isolated from the face-to-face interaction that previous cohorts received have found it harder to adapt to the work environment.



Kris Alvarez & Mark Davis

HP’s impact and the path ahead

If we’ve said it once, we’ve said it a thousand times: Sustainability has become a top priority for companies everywhere.



Johnny Shell

A revolution in textile innovation

The ITMA show took place from June 8th-14th and welcomed thousands of visitors and exhibitors. We discuss here some of the main exhibitors and key developments from the show.



Mark DiMattei

Sometimes classics exist for a reason

While quick response codes have been utilized for a variety of uses, one that has yet to gain approval is QR code menus. We discuss here the benefits of a QR code menu as well as the resistance to use it.



Peter Mayhew

Industry has much to consider following a US DHS ban on Ninestar Corporation

When the US Department of Homeland Security takes steps to ban products from a large manufacturer in your industry from entering the US market, your ears tend to perk up.