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German Sacristan

Books enable a strong connection while photos preserve memories

There are two non-marketing printing applications that (if anything) are becoming more on demand: books and photos. This blog looks at some of the key findings of our new study on digital print for book and photo print, as well as offers some insights into the current state of the market.



Lee Davis

Supercharge your digital investments with intelligent document processing

Businesses of all shapes and sizes are benefiting from their investments in digital transformation (DX) technology, while intelligent document processing (IDP) technology enables businesses to scan, read, extract, categorize, and organize information in hardcopy and electronic documents. We discuss here the process of implementing DX and IDP technology and how they can benefit a business' operations.



Johnny Shell

Our new direct-to-film program offers thorough evaluations

Keypoint Intelligence’s new direct-to-film (DTF) testing program, designed to use a standardized testing procedure of DTF printers to produce data for a true “apples-to-apples” analysis of key printer performance factors and demystify some of these business-critical factors.



Mark DiMattei

The sudden decrease in accuracy for ChatGPT is a cause for concern

A recent research paper out of Stanford University and UC Berkeley is claiming that ChatGPT is degrading in accuracy. We discuss here the concerns this development can have on AI use as well as other pitfalls and problems arising in artificial intelligence development.



Greg Cholmondeley

A Parisian approach to commercial printing

Commercial printing is alive and very well in Paris



Bridget Dedian

Here’s what happened when you were at the beach

Keypoint Intelligence's news service covers everything from print to managed IT to the smart workplace and beyond. We will be providing here a recap of July 2023's top news stories.



Lisa Brown

Analyzing demand for RPA in the North American market

Keypoint Intelligence recently published a Multi-Client Study on robotic process automation (RPA) that surveyed 825 respondents from mid-size and large companies in the US. We discuss here some of the key findings of the study.



Jamie Bsales

Proprietary study delivers insights on where companies are on their DX journeys

Where are organizations on their digital transformation journeys, and what are their plans for DX, workflow, intelligent document processing, and other smart solutions? That’s what we set out to discover in our 2023 IT Decisionmaker primary research study.



Mark Davis

How this innovative technology creates greater flexibility in the outputting of documents

The last few years have seen a transformation in the way we work.



Carl Schell

How have things been going since the company’s dealer meeting?

Hard to believe it’s been three months since the Sharp National Dealer Meeting 2023, which carried “Opportunity Meets Execution” as its theme.