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Fairfield, NJ – Keypoint Intelligence - Buyers Lab (BLI), the world’s leading independent evaluator of document imaging software, hardware, and services, today announced its Pick and Outstanding Achievement award recipients in the Document Imaging Software category. These coveted honors recognize the most impressive solutions evaluated by Buyers Lab during the previous 12-month test cycle.


“Software and services help customers get the most out of their investment in document imaging hardware,” said Jamie Bsales, Director of Solutions/Security Analysis at Keypoint Intelligence. “From MFP-resident apps that connect to cloud services to advanced workflow and content management platforms, our team looked at a wide range of solutions during the past year. Those honored today proved themselves to be among the best in their categories thanks to an impressive mix of productivity-enhancing features, value, ease of use, and other key attributes.”


BLI’s 2020 Document Imaging Software Pick and Outstanding Achievement awards go to the following exceptional solutions (not all products sold in all regions):


Alaris INfuse Smart Connected Scanning Solution

Outstanding Achievement in Innovation

For its INfuse Smart Connected Scanning Solution, Alaris (a Kodak Alaris business) combined several key technologies into a groundbreaking distributed scanning solution that enables its partners to deliver customized scanning “appliances” to their customers.


Canon IRISPowerScan 11

Outstanding Scan Capture & Processing Solution

IRISPowerScan takes the pain out of scan/capture/processing tasks. The solution accepts input from mobile devices, scanners, emails, watched folders, or cloud services and applies an impressive array of image cleanup capabilities to maximize legibility for humans and computers alike. The solution leverages several intelligent automation features, including the impressive IRIS Fingerprint technology, which lets the program learn how to recognize certain documents based on layout.


Canon Therefore 2019

Outstanding Information Governance Solution

Therefore is a highly customizable information management platform that delivers a powerful business process automation engine, complete and document management features, and much more. But it’s the solution’s strong security and information governance features that earned its second Outstanding Information Governance Solution in as many years. Organizations can leverage user rights management, version control, audit trails, automated retention policies, and more to ensure that they’re always working within the confines of regulations and compliance strategies.


Canon uniFLOW Online

Outstanding Cloud Output-Management Solution

uniFLOW Online continues to evolve as the preeminent cloud-based output management platform, delivering more features—including secure printing, cost tracking, mobile printing, and scan workflows—and better usability than Buyers Lab has seen in most leading online print management packages. The addition of uniFLOW Online Express to the family (included at no charge with the latest Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE MFPs) gives customers a good starting point from which to expand.


Digitech Systems

Outstanding Cloud Content Management Service is a fully featured content management solution that provides document capture, filing, search, retrieval, markup tools, and security tools along with optional modules for workflow, e-forms, email management, print stream processing, file distribution, and data replication—all in a tiered subscription model that lets customers pay for what they need now and add functionality as their needs evolve. Available to select customers now pending wider release, the offering includes an entry-level package that gives users the tools they need to store, organize, share, search for, and retrieve files, while Professional and Enterprise tiers add increasingly more features to arrive at a full-fledged cloud ECM system.


EFI Self-Serve M600 Station

Outstanding Print/Copy Vending Solution

The EFI Self-Serve M600 Station is a dedicated hardware and software “kiosk” designed to do one thing: Turn any compatible MFP into a public-use copy, print, and cloud-enabled pull-print device. The cashless system frees personnel from having to make change for customers or deal with payments, and the M600’s utility is extended with the use of EFI’s free PrintMe Cloud service, which essentially turns any M600-equipped MFP into a convenient “pull print” destination.


ELO Digital Office ELOprofessional 12

Outstanding Achievement in Innovation

ELOprofessional offers a robust collection of ECM features that can handle every aspect of information-centric tasks. But what makes the platform truly innovative is how it melds seamlessly with other components in the ELO Digital Office ecosystem to handle business-critical tasks beyond documents and information, such as contact management, email management, and HR recruiting/employee management.


HP JetAdvantage Security Manager 3

Outstanding Security Compliance Solution

HP JetAdvantage Security Manager is a unique solution that centralizes and automates the process of bringing and keeping output devices in compliance with an organization’s preferred security policies. The tool allows administrators to quickly discover and apply the recommended security settings, enacts ongoing checks to ensure the devices are still in compliance with the recommended settings (and automatically remediates those that are not), highlights at-risk firmware (out-of-date firmware with known vulnerabilities) on devices, and even detects newly connected device attached to the network and automatically applies the policy designated by the administer for such devices.


HP Workpath and Command Center

Outstanding Achievement: Technology to Watch

While HP wasn’t the first to the “app” party, its Workpath MFP app infrastructure and supporting Command Center ecommerce platform could very well catapult the company to the front of the pack. The Workpath platform runs on select A3 and A4 MFPs, including both laser and PageWide ink models—about 70 models as of this writing. At the fall launch the platform listed more than 50 available apps, but with a reported 300+ developer partners officially registered for the Workpath program, that number should grow quickly.


Konica Minolta Dispatcher Phoenix 6

Outstanding Workflow Automation Platform

Konica Minolta Dispatcher Phoenix is one of the most comprehensive workflow automation solutions that Buyers Lab has seen. The platform enables businesses to automate all their document-centric workflows to increase worker productivity, accelerate business processes, cut costs, eliminate mistakes, secure sensitive information, and comply with corporate and government regulations. Moreover, Dispatcher Phoenix is available in nine flavors, each seasoned differently to meet the specific needs of educators, law offices, healthcare providers, government institutions, general business usage, and more.


Konica Minolta WorkPlace Hub

Outstanding Achievement in Innovation

It’s not often that a truly groundbreaking product comes along, but Konica Minolta’s WorkPlace Hub is just such an innovation. Meant to be the IT heart of a small office, branch location, department, or anywhere where an “edge” computing infrastructure is needed, the solution combines a turnkey IT infrastructure appliance—either as a rack-mount server or built into a Konica Minolta MFP—with the company’s 24/7 monitoring and management service for a “hands-off” fully managed IT environment.


Netaphor SiteAudit 7

Outstanding Fleet Audit/Management Solution

Netaphor SiteAudit is an integrated fleet-audit and -management platform that delivers audit tools and usage/service analytics for a wide range of output devices. The platform offers unique tools such as the SiteAudit Analyzer QBR and SiteAudit Analyzer TCO plugins, which provide managed print services providers and their customers with comprehensive fleet analytics, along with the company’s Virtual Technician feature aimed at reducing costs and improving service performance for providers. The latest version adds a feature we feel is imperative for all fleet-management tools: Security-assessment abilities that monitor a print fleet for potential vulnerabilities.


PaperCut 19

Outstanding Cost Accounting & Recovery Solution

The PaperCut family of print management solutions continues to grow more impressive with each iteration, making PaperCut MF and PaperCut NG the go-to solutions for those looking for a way to track, reduce, and recoup output costs without a huge investment in up-front costs or IT overhead. Version 19 improves on that strong base with improved integrated scanning features and expanded device support, but the marquis addition is the PaperCut MF Cloud Services: A suite of services that run on the Google Cloud platform to deliver OCR processing and document delivery.


Ricoh Cloud Workflow Solutions

Outstanding Productivity Ecosystem

The Ricoh Cloud Workflow Solutions ecosystem helps businesses get the most out of their digital transformation investments with a unique—and growing—collection of solutions. These include connectors to popular cloud applications and customizable templates for cloud-resident workflows all accessible from compatible Ricoh MFPs. There are also device-independent cloud services tailored to specific business needs such as Accounts Payable.


FollowMe by Ringdale: Enterprise & Government

Outstanding Data Loss Prevention Solution

FollowMe by Ringdale has become synonymous with secure print roaming throughout the workplace, but the solution has evolved to encompass a wide range of document security and output management functionality. The FollowMe solution is especially well suited for eEnterprise and public-sector customers looking to address data protection and compliance requirements, drive down output costs as well as optimize user productivity and convenience. Additionally, the feature set includes intelligent data loss prevention (DLP) and content monitoring capabilities that supplement the core FollowMe Printing functionality that Ringdale pioneered.


Sharp Synappx Family

Outstanding Achievement in Innovation

Office workers today have no shortage of technology at their disposal, but too often that technology serves to impede productivity rather than enhance it. The Sharp Synappx family of smart office solutions promises to change that. Working from a mindset that keeps mobility and collaboration front and center, Sharp developers are rolling out Synappx solutions that connect existing technology and make it easier to use. The first products in the family include Synappx Meeting, which makes it seamless to launch the various technological bits (screen, shared documents, conference service) that typically bog down structured meetings; and Synappx Go, which makes it easy to share content from a mobile device for ad-hoc meetings and collaboration.


Square9 GlobalSearch 5

Outstanding Document Management Solution

When you already have one of the preeminent Enterprise Content Management solutions on the market, it’s tempting to leave well enough alone. Square 9 Softworks opted to go in the other direction, introducing a completely re-architected document viewer—the part of the program where users spend the majority of their time—and handy Task Panel that improve upon the program’s already impressive ease of use. Equally welcome are the Business Essentials for GlobalSearch 5.0, a set of pre-built applications for Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Contract Management, and Human Resources that make getting started in an ECM system much faster and simpler.


Xerox App Gallery

Outstanding MFP App Ecosystem

The trend toward MFP apps—ready-made programs that can be downloaded and accessed from the device’s touchscreen to add functionality—is showing no signs of abating thanks to new-generation smart MFPs and end user’s growing familiarity with the app paradigm. Xerox App Gallery was arguably the progenitor of the category, and it continues to grow stronger with more apps and widening developer support: The company’s Personalized Application Builder (PAB) program has 300+ partners enrolled that have been trained to develop apps for the platform.


YSoft SafeQ 6

Outstanding Enterprise Print & Workflow Management Platform

With SafeQ 6, YSoft has pushed well beyond the product’s print-management roots to create a modular platform that handles all manner of document-centric needs. SafeQ Print Management Suite provides centralized enterprise-caliber print management designed to reduce the costs and increase document security, while the SafeQ Workflow Suite delivers advanced document capture and workflow features. Enhancements to the latest version of the platform include a collection of both core and advanced workflows, an improved Universal Print Driver so IT departments can standardize on one driver, and the YSoft be3D eDee 3D printer for education environments that has print management and an accounting system features built in.



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