Keypoint Intelligence Honors the Best Software Solutions Tested This Year with Pick and Outstanding Achievement Awards



Fairfield, NJ – Keypoint Intelligence - Buyers Lab (BLI), the world’s leading independent evaluator of document imaging software, hardware, and services, today announced its Pick and Outstanding Achievement award recipients in the Document Imaging Software category. These coveted honors recognize the most impressive solutions evaluated by Buyers Lab during the previous 12-month test cycle.


“Buyers Lab analysts and lab technicians looked at dozens of document imaging solutions in the past year, and each of them delivers tangible strengths for its intended market,” noted Jamie Bsales, Director of Solutions Analysis for Keypoint Intelligence. “Those honored today, however, proved themselves to be among the best in their categories thanks to an impressive mix of productivity-enhancing features, value for the dollar, ease of use for end users and IT administrators, and other key attributes.”


BLI’s 2019 Document Imaging Software Pick and Outstanding Achievement awards go to the following exceptional solutions (not all products are sold in all regions):


Canon Therefore 2018

Outstanding Information Governance Solution

As a preeminent information management platform, Canon Therefore delivers a host of strengths, including a powerful business process automation engine, robust standard reporting features, and time-saving document management features. This latest version stands out for its document security and information governance abilities. These include ironclad data storage security, plus the ability to help companies mitigate risks to the extent practicable and work in line with regulatory and compliance strategies when transmitting, receiving, maintaining, retaining, collaborating, and destroying business information. Therefore is also on the forefront when it comes to GDPR compliance, with features that allow companies to store, find, and catalog the personal data retained in its systems and tools to help organizations meet the GDPR’s reporting and assessment requirements.


Canon uniFLOW Online

Outstanding Cloud Output-Management Solution

uniFLOW Online delivers essential print management and scan capture features in an online service that’s easy to get started with. Information gathered can be used by an organization to identify where print-related cost savings can be made, and the service’s secure pull and mobile printing allow a user to send a print job and release it at any device on the network. Best of all, the cloud-based architecture eliminates the need to purchase, deploy, and maintain a server for the application, and customers always have the latest software in force without having to update the program.


Digitech Systems PaperVision Capture R90

Outstanding Data Capture & Workflow Solution

Streamlining business-critical processes and turning data into actionable information are key goals for any forward-looking organization. PaperVision Capture, from Digitech Systems, is an enterprise-class document capture and workflow solution that can help companies achieve those goals by extracting data from both paper and electronic documents and delivering the information to where it’s needed. The platform’s Business Rules modules automate tedious business processes to improve efficiency, while the PaperVision Forms Magic module adds artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms for automated processing of structured documents. PaperVision Capture also offers integration with a variety of enterprise content management (ECM) systems and line-of-business applications.


DocuWare 7

Outstanding Content & Workflow Management Platform

The DocuWare product family has long epitomized what a robust, scalable, feature-rich content management and business process workflow system should be. But instead of leaving well enough alone, with version 7 the company decided to re-architect much of the product’s underpinnings. The result is speed: It’s now faster to get up and running with either the online or on-premises editions, and everyday tasks such as searching, storing, and indexing documents show significantly better performance. Version 7 also delivers an improved administration experience that brings common chores closer to the surface and helps flatten the learning curve for admins new to the system. And the company made these improvements without disrupting the core strengths that have made DocuWare the benchmark in its class. As we’ve said before: If there’s a document management function that DocuWare can’t handle, we can’t think of it.


Konica Minolta bizhub Evolution

Outstanding Cloud Document-Services Platform

Documents are the lifeblood of many organizations, but too often knowledge workers spend an inordinate amount of time getting documents into the file formats they need and then to the destinations where they are needed. Konica Minolta bizhub Evolution assembles critical document conversion/delivery services in one handy cloud-based portal accessible from the desktop, a mobile device, and at bEST-enabled Konica Minolta MFPs. With these bizhub Evolution services, users can convert documents to popular office formats, have documents translated from one language to another, send documents to popular cloud storage destinations, provide secure-print access to Konica Minolta bizhub devices, and more. Buyers Lab analysts also appreciate the flexible billing structure: Customers are charged on a subscription basis only for the services they use in a given month.


Konica Minolta bizhub LEGAL v2

Outstanding MFP Solution for Legal

Konica Minolta bizhub Legal is an embedded MFP application that runs on compatible Konica Minolta MFPs to deliver features designed to support the unique needs of knowledge legal workers in the legal profession. The solution allows users to stamp scanned documents electronically with custom legends, as well as set up and exploit custom one-touch workflows that process and route scanned documents to storage, to clients, or elsewhere. Scanned documents can be stored in the easily archived PDF/A format, and users can even search for text within scanned documents and copy that text for use elsewhere.


Lexmark Cloud Services

Outstanding Print Environment Management Solution

Lexmark Cloud Services is a flexible platform that offers a range of fleet- and print-management capabilities in an easy-to-deploy SaaS format. The solution can let IT administrators monitor, configure, and manage an entire fleet of printers and MFPs remotely, as well as apply firmware and application updates for enhanced device performance and security. Secure pull printing reduces waste, secures sensitive printed information, and helps businesses comply with regulations, while the platform’s granular reporting engine can identify potential savings and bottlenecks.


Nuance Power PDF Advanced 3

Outstanding PDF Creation Solution

Nuance Power PDF Advanced is an impressive tool that can suit the needs of any business customers who work with PDFs on a regular basis. The program integrates seamlessly into business workflows, allowing many document types to be converted into highly customizable PDFs. Users can create PDF documents from scratch, import existing electronic files for conversion to PDF, or capture hard copy documents from any scanner to convert to PDF, complete with OCR processing to create searchable, editable documents from those paper files. This latest iteration delivers OCR engine enhancements for unrivaled conversion accuracy in both character-level and layout recognition, along with the ability for a group of users to edit, comment, and collaborate on PDF documents in real time.


PaperCut 18

Outstanding Cost Accounting & Recovery Solution

Show us a school or business that doesn’t have a print management system in place, and we’ll show you an organization that is wasting money on hardcopy output. And while there’s no shortage of feature-rich output management platforms to choose from, finding one that won’t break the budget or the back of your IT personnel is more of a challenge. That’s where PaperCut shines: It delivers all the functionality the majority of organizations are likely to need in order to track, recoup, and reduce hardcopy expenditures, but in an affordable package that is easy to deploy and administer. In addition to the core accounting, cost-recovery and cost-reduction features that cover the print/copy/fax functions of supported devices across an output fleet, the solution delivers pull-printing functionality, mobile-print support, and even document capture/routing on supported MFPs. New in version 18 is the optional Job Ticketing module, with support for assigning costs to print room and FabLab devices such as high-speed printers/copiers, wide format plotters, 3D printers, laser cutters, and so on. End users can submit jobs to the print room via an online portal, see how much will be charged against their personal or departmental budget, and track the status of the job as it wends its way through production.


Toshiba Elevate Composer

Outstanding MFP Customization Tool

Elevate Composer is a simple yet elegant solution that enables Toshiba partners to deliver MFPs that are truly customized to each customer's needs. The solution offers personalization by targeting common business processes with prebuilt one-touch buttons. The shortcuts and apps added to the UI let end users complete sophisticated multi-step tasks easily, automating frequently used functions and improving overall organizational efficiency. The UI templates can be customized (even by non-technical dealer personnel) to deliver a range of pre-programmed shortcuts aimed at general-business and vertical customers’ needs.


Vera for Files

Outstanding Achievement in Document Security

Building a perimeter around your organization in an attempt to secure information is a losing battle. There are just too many ways for data to leave. The Vera for Files document security solution takes a different approach: It builds a perimeter around your data. Vera applies policies at the file level—policies that remain in force no matter where, how, or to whom the document travels. Whenever a document is created and saved to a Vera-protected network folder, cloud share (such as Dropbox), desktop PC, or mobile device, the Vera platform automatically encrypts it with military-grade AES-256 encryption and applies the desired security policy. At the heart of these policies is dynamic access control that dictates what the recipient can and can’t do with a file. Permissions can be set to control the opening/viewing a file, printing, editing, and copy/paste functions. When a recipient attempts to open a Vera-protected file, that user’s credentials are checked against the cloud-resident Vera database to see what permissions the user has for that file. If none are found, access is denied.


Xerox Workplace Suite

Outstanding Job Management & Mobile Print Solution

Xerox Workplace Suite (XWS) combines a print management suite—complete with multiple authentication methods, print policy enforcement, and secure print release—with mobile printing and content security systems. The platform’s mobile print functionality is second to none, with support for printing from iOS apps natively, support for iOS and Android printing via the free Xerox Print Portal app, and a handy ChromeOS app. XWS provides complete print tracking for all jobs, whether they are submitted from a PC or mobile device and retrieved at Xerox or non-Xerox devices. For compatible Xerox MFPs, XWS will track and report on all job types (print, scan, copy, fax). The platform also lets IT administrators set and enforce print policies that can help to reduce waste and lower print costs. Moreover, the content security features alert administrators when a user has copied, scanned or printed a document that contains a specific text string.



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